Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SalahWrong @ Daikanyama

Since i'm supposed to be the blogger and all that
i'll try to keep this SalahWrong blog alive!
Bad enough we're both TERRIBLE at taking pix of ourselves at our own gigs :p
This year we played at Urbanscapes (we forgot to take a pic)
and at Daikanyama last weekend (our friends remembered to take pix but not us!)

Thanks to MisDeeds for taking this

And Melissa for the one above :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best Music Selektahs 2009 by Juice

I swear this category didn't exist before
and we're honoured it got coined to layan us!

Big love to Juice! <3

"Best Music Selektahs SalahWrong
Sometimes it’s not about perfect mixing and it’s about track selection. Joyce Wong aka KinkyBlueFairy and Sarah Chan aka Sarchan don’t proclaim to be DJs but “song selektas” and crate dig through the indie, electro and pop with the attitude to match."

Full feature here.

Feature on Rage, The Star [Nov 2009]

In this age of holistic living, people are not content to just slave away at their day jobs. They want to explore other interests; be it pursuing a hobby, maintaining a blog, contributing to social causes.

Some find that they excel at these pursuits, but are not ready to do them full-time.

Fortunately, there are employers who do not view their workers’ side interests as being in conflict with their full-time jobs.

Sarah Chan, the events editor for KLue magazine (now editor for Junk), works for employers who are fully supportive of her endeavours. Sarah occasionally spins music at clubs as one half of SalahWrong, alongside her former colleague and friend Joyce Wong.

“They know about it and are quite cool about what I do on the side. They’re definitely encouraging,” Sarah, 24, says.

Sarah is aware of the demands of her full-time job, and is careful to not allow her deejaying gigs to interfere with her work performance.

“I can’t really afford the time to be really serious about it (DJ-ing) as my day job keeps me pretty occupied,” says Sarah who does not take on too many gigs.

“I do the SalahWrong gigs purely for fun. It’s more like an avenue for Joyce and I to share the music we love, and if people like it too, awesome.”

- by Niki Cheong

Full story here.

Cat Got Your Tongue #5 + 6 [June 2009]

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Playing DJ for the night will be:
iLLKiDD aka Ethan

Below are some pix from CGYT #5 two months ago!
Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic
Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic
Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic
Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic
Cat Got Your Tongue @ Barsonic

Focus Artist on Juice [July 2009]

Feature on Juice <3

"Everyone wants to be a DJ. And these days you don’t necessarily need the decks skills to make it. Instead, you can be one if you have the presence and good music selection, tap that, you are one. Joyce Wong aka KinkyBlueFairy and Sarah Chan aka Sarchan don’t proclaim to be DJs but “song selektas”.

The girls dabble in indie, electro and pop music. SalahWrong is a play on their name Salah (Sarah) and Joyce Wong (Wrong). Sarchan told us about an event that epitomises the girls name: “My boobs popped out once at Zouk during the We Are Scientists show. That’ll teach me not to wear a bra.”

It all started with DJ Victor G giving the girls basic lessons on the CDJs, which landed them their first gig in Cloth & Clef September last year with club kid Ethan Chu, Twilight Actiongirl’s Ribut and Bangkok’s DJ Knatz. That event led them to gigs at Annexe for Arts for Grabs, Palate Palette, Club 9 & the SiX Lounge, Barsonic and even Lava Lava at Johor Bahru! Flossin’.

There’s a good balance of their responsibilities as Sarchan is the CDs keeper and crate digger, while the KinkyBlueFairy does most of the PR and partying. We asked if there’s anything they would steal from each other and Sarchan replied “Joyce’s sense of style” and Joyce chose “Sarah’s bright pink headphones.” SalahWrong is taking easy strides so whatever happens, happens." - Kevin Yeoh

Heineken Green Room @ MNEP [July 2009]

Taken yesterday at MNEP before the Heineken event started

noT a pole dancer!

grey top; alldressedup
sequined dress; bangkok
necklace; justin yap
caged heels; baci
studded bracelet; bangkok

hard to go wrong with blk + gold

Heineken got SalahWrong to spin music for the night (thank you! We had fun :D)
SarChan and i threw in a lot of new songs we like but haven't played before
i opted for some from Tiga, Metric, Boy in Static, Kleerup and Regina Spektor's new album



heineken @ MNEP

There are 3 small Heineken events prior to the main Green Room one that's happening 1st August @ Zouk (You can click here to get invites)

Each of the 3 events feature art + fashion installations by the respective boutiques.
1st one was by Replacement last week, 2nd one was MNEP yesterday,
and 3rd one is at sevendays next Wednesday
TiC is giving out passes for that (click here to get yours)


Lava Lava, Johor [April 2009]

Who would've thought ey?

I'd say because i experienced some of these factors which i memang enjoy most:
- partying
- happy people
- shopping
- al cheapo shopping
- eating awesome cheap hawker food
- super cold air con (i'm so easy to please, the room was freezing!)

Ethan had asked SalahWrong to spin there last Saturday
and we said ok!

We took about 3 hours to drive there
and BenBen (my car) went on his first long-distance drive

"You're going on your first long drive!" i chirped as i patted the glove compartment fondly

PassedOutBen called me while we were halfway there

"Wanna catch up tonight?"
"Can't, I'm on the way to Johore la..."
"What you going there for?"
"Ethan asked Sarah and i to play there."
"HAHAHA! Where you playing?"
"... dunno..."
"You going to Johore and you don't even know where you playing?! Damn superstar right. Go only, dunno where!"
"What time you playing?"
"Er dunno..."
"... Okay. Where are you staying?"
"... dunno also."
"-_- Everything also you don't know right Joyce -_-"

Weather was a bit fickle on the way

I was just looking out for a rainbow but saw none

SalahWrong @ Johor

SarChan spotted a cloud that looked like a...

SalahWrong @ Johor

or a miang camel, whichever way you want to look at it.

Johore is actually pretty clean
No trash around
And we went to an area with cheerful colourful buildings

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

Even the back lanes were nice to take pictures off :p

Ethan took us to some nice boutiques (that would put more than half the ones in KL to shame)

SalahWrong @ Johor

Little Red House / The Girl Next Door

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

This looks like a corner of toys in my room...

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

I took way more pictures of the boutique than that, but saving it for TiC
where i'll post the address too
(it's 3 in the morning and i AM NOT going hunting for an address in my handbag now)

I bought so many things in that boutique
I went in 3 separate times (first time alone while waiting for food, second time with TigerJoe, third with SarChan)
And all 3 times i came out with shopping -_-
Cannot make it
Whatmore i met owner BeverlyBee who was sO nice you just wanted to buy more things!
Ok i'm giving myself excuses :p

After makaning we went to check in the hotel
They put us up in Austin Hills

SalahWrong @ Johor

The room was so huge you could do cartwheels in there!
Or throw a party for 30 ppl
Or have 15 people take a hula hoop class
Or lay 50 down in sleeping bags
Or... you get what i mean

SalahWrong @ Johor

We went to a Duty Free Zone
Where a whole row of clubs and bars are
To play at this place called Lava Lava

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SarChan + i

SalahWrong @ Johor

Nick + Ethan

SalahWrong @ Johor

Sarah and i had so much fun playing
The crowd was really layan
And we went downstairs to drink and meet new ppl

SalahWrong @ Johor

SarChan, Beverly Bee

SalahWrong @ Johor

Beverly Bee, Ash Chan, Sea Wong

SalahWrong @ Johor

Sea, Joey Teh, me

Told Joey to be careful lest i steal her wicked bling AA hoodie

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

Was awesome to see a whole new group of happy party people!